This isHow we work

As a family business, ALTCON has many years of experience in the world market. We work with a structured method to assure you of the best possible quality. Our specialists in every department are on a mission to extend the life of your used machine.


This is how we work


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Complete cleaning

When a machine arrives we make sure that we take care of everything. The machine is cleaned to the best possible standards. It makes the inspection report easier and more accurate.

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Inspection report

Before any sale, every machine is thoroughly examined, tested, and checked. Upon purchase or interest, you will receive a full inspection report showing the condition of the machine. The price of the machine is based on this reliable report. The report is a detailed overview that shows the current condition of the machine.

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Maintenance and repair

In our workshop, you will find certified technicians who all have their own expertise. They are passionate about repairing your machine. Together they work in a creative environment to ensure that your machine will be back on the road as soon as possible!

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ALTCON also makes the difference after purchase. From the workshop to our sales team, we work together to take care of your machine and its maintenance. Maintenance is unavoidable so our team will be ready to make this happen as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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In the current trading climate, fast and dynamic work is one of our strengths. Payment entitles you to the desired machine. This allows you to get started right away with the machine of your choice. The construction projects won’t keep waiting for you. So we understand that speed is a requirement.

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Even if you work on the other side of the world, we can deliver the machine to your door. We offer different modes of transport and personalized transport planning. This means that you can continue to do business while we transport. From the customs documents to the entire route we plan it for you. We deliver the machine to the desired location unharmed and as quickly as possible.

Working at ALTCON

Being one of the largest players in the European market, we are continually working on improvement. Teamwork is our priority. Together with our partners, and colleagues we are continuously working on new developments to serve our customers.

We always have room for new professionals with a passion for their job. Are you that passionate person and not afraid to take on a challenge?


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